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One of the biggest decisions you will make for you and your baby is a suitable pair of wheels! With so many considerations - are we little explorers in the urban jungle or intrepid adventurers in the great outdoors? Or both? So many choices, so many styles, so many colors, so much terminology, where do you start? Well, here's Avalon's simple straight forward, step-by-step guide to selecting the right pushchair for you, for baby, for life.


By now you've probably read pages of advice on the right sort of stroller that suits your lifestyle. A great place to start but sometimes it's a bit confusing, so here's a step-by-step guide to selecting the right Avalon stroller for you. Remember, you may use your stroller sometimes 3 or 4 times a day, therefore a suitable stroller will make your life so much better... the best reason to make sure you make the right choice! Ask yourself these simple questions before you start!

1. How do we travel?

Are you a regular urban explorer often using buses, subways, taxis and trains? Yes? Well you need to look for a lightweight, compact folding solution. A Swift Lite or a Dixie would be perfect for you!

If on the other hand you cover your miles on foot, then you'll need a shopping basket for all your stuff! With the exception of the umbrella type stroller, all our models come with baskets as standard. You can also opt for a slightly bigger model as weight and size is not such a consideration.

Are you an intrepid adventurer? Do you love to roam in the great outdoors - uphill and downhill? You need to look for our models with maneuverability. For your convenience we produce our strollers with lockable swivel wheels. Swivel wheels offer maneuverability, while fixed wheels are easier for rough surfaces.

2. Where do we live?

If you live in an apartment, condo, or anywhere you need to use stairs, you need a lightweight, compact folding solution. This is also an important consideration with narrow hallways and doors.

3. How many fannies on seats?

If you have a growing family, either twins or children of a similar age then you'll need a 'twin pushchair' or a 'tandem'.

4. Which model is suitable for my baby?

Moms and Dads take note! Not all strollers are suitable from birth. You can choose a 'birth to toddler model', great for use from newborn, which fully reclines and has different seating positions. Or you can choose from '3 or 6 months'. This option is ideal for babies who can fully support their own little heads.

When babies are first born, they need to lie flat to keep the weight off their spine and neck in the early days but also to keep their airways fully opened.

Safety Notes

At Avalon we put safety first and ask our customers to do so too, please ensure you read the following safety guide to get the most out of your stroller!

  • First things first. please read the instruction guide which accompanies your stroller or car seat. That way you'll get the most out of your product and all of its fab features and benefits.
  • Try to avoid heavy shopping bags on the pushchair handles. Most of our pushchairs come with handy, roomy baskets for this.
  • Remove the raincover in hot temperatures or indoors, and whenever you can, unzip the raincover for ventilation.
  • Make sure that the brakes are on when lifting baby out of the chair or when securing the car seat into it.
  • Always check that the harness is safe and secure.
  • Never use our Group 0+ car seat on a passenger seat where an airbag is fitted. This product is designed only to be rear-facing in a vehicle.


Ok, so you know what you want and you've got your heart set on the sort of stroller you want, but what does it all mean exactly? Hurray – here's a simple explanation of the product selection we offer and some of the terminology commonly used – with pictures too! Strollers (sometimes called buggies)

Strollers (sometimes called buggies)

Totally cool, lightweight and robust - perfect for the regular urban explorer! Here at Avalon, we have a great collection of strollers for you to choose from.


Baby can use these from birth if the seats fully recline to a lie flat position. Usually lightweight with four swivel wheels for manoeuvrability. We've got a great collection here!

Travel Systems (TS)

Really popular choice (so much so we've extended our range this year). A regular pushchair with a clip-on car seat that is Group 0+ so you can use it from birth. This is ideal for transferring baby to and from the car. Mums and Dads note – newborns shouldn't spend too much time in a car seat. Travel systems are great value and are suitable from birth right up to toddling years!

Travel System (TS) compatible

This means the pushchair can be used with Group 0+ car seats. Look out for our symbol.

Group 0+ car seats

The Avalon Go Safe Group 0+ Car Seat that comes with our Travel system is safe, sturdy, cosy and perfectly simple to fit into your car. Its also lightweight so moving baby from the car is easy peasy with just one hand.

Weighing in!

  • The Go Safe car seat is suitable up to 13kg / 29Ilbs. This is around 7-8 months old, but the weight of your child is the important factor – so keep an eye on this, every child is different and grows at different rates. If the child is above the specified 13kg/29lbs weight and 0+ child car seat may not offer the correct level of protection.
  • Our Go Safe Car Seat is designed to be rearward facing in the vehicle. This position offers the best possible level of protection for a child of this weight as it supports both his head and neck. NEVER use a passenger seat where an airbag is fitted.

Fitting securely and safely

  • It's really important you get used to fitting the car seat securely into your car. It's a good idea to get practice in well before baby arrives and familiarise yourself with our simple user manual.
  • At Avalon, we also recommend you ask the store where you bought your Avalon car seat from to show you how to fit it safely. Thankfully it is very simple! However, it is the responsibility of the parent or carer to fit the car seat properly.


A compact solution for growing families, a pushchair with two seats, ideal for two children. The difference here is that the smaller seat sits behind the older child, so wider aisles aren't such a problem!

Twin pushchairs

Classic pushchair style for twins or little siblings. Seats are side by side and our models come with three comfortable handles for easy manoeuvrability and negotiating tight corners!

3 Wheelers

Prams for funky mums and dads who love to explore the great outdoors (or want to look like they do!) Great to use with one hand and easy to steer, ours is suitable from birth too!

Our wheeled goods comply to BS 7409:1996