Cot/Crib Advice

The most exciting purchase you will make, after you have chosen the color and style of your nursery is your crib, cot or cot bed. We've got a range of different shapes, woods and finishes for every nursery, plus loads of standard features; furthermore, every one of our cots and cot beds have teething rails to protect little gums (and the cot as well).

Cots are suitable for babies right from day one and we have extended the range this season to give you an even greater selection! There are a variety of features available and each one of our cots have been designed with a slightly different twist. So, why a cot and not a cot bed? There's a lot to consider but here are just a few pointers:

Most of our cots have a rod-dropside and others have a "one hand" drop side feature. This is fabulous for new moms as it eliminates all that stretching and straining and you can hold baby with one hand as you drop the cot side with the other. NB: due to the design structure of the Scarborough cot bed, this does not have a dropside.

As a standard feature, we feature an adjustable three-height mattress base which allows your cot to adapt as baby grows and becomes a little more inquisitive. The first position sits about 45cm from the top of the cot, which is ideal for new babies. Then as baby becomes more active, the mattress can be repositioned lower down ensuring baby is safe for those adventurous moments.

Each of our cots comes with protective teething rails as standard. This coating is safe for baby's gums whilst ensuring the cot side stays bite free for when those first pearly whites arrive. Teething rails are made from pthalate free material which is kind to babies.

Cot beds are slightly larger cots and easily adapt into junior beds so baby's sleeping arrangements are taken care of from day one until baby is around six years old.

All our cots conform to BS EN 716:1996.