Bouncer Advice

Whether you use your bouncer or low chair to soothe baby to sleep or stimulate him with sound and activity, this simple guide is designed to ensure you select the right product for you!


  • Never attempt to pick up the chair with your baby sitting inside. This is extremely dangerous.
  • Never leave your baby unattended in his chair - even for a second.
  • Never put baby and chair onto a worktop or high surface

What's the difference between a low chair and a bouncing chair?

Our bouncing chairs have strong slim tubing frames. They have been ergonomically designed so the vibration mechanism is smooth and gentle for baby. Some of our models also have a musical feature. Rocking low chairs have thicker stronger tubing and are designed to rock gently. Our low chairs have a musical box with a gentle lullaby.

How comfortable are bouncing and low chairs?

All models have been designed with soft comfortable padding; there is additional padding around the musical vibrating box

Keeping baby entertained!

As well as the musical box, all the chairs come with a soft velour toy bar with squeaky-squeeze, cuddly soft toys.