About Avalon Products

Avalon Products offers a full line of baby products. Browse through our catalog to see what's on offer.

For 15 years, Avalon has been a name associated with function, quality, and value. With a barebones advertising and marketing budget, the company can keep its prices in line with founder Ann Hu's original vision: fun, value-driven products with an emphasis on clean lines, efficient design, and safety.

Now, about that safety record: Avalon has one of the world's finest reputations for safety. Avalon's own stringent safety standards exceed those of the U.S. government. Avalon maintains an independent office for safety and quality control, where products are vigorously and repeatedly tested. As a result, there has never been a single product recall in Avalon's 21-year history. That's something else to be proud about.

Founder Ann Hu believes in helping people in need—especially children. A portion of the proceeds of your Avalon purchase always goes to support children's hospitals and orphanages


Ann Hu, Founder and CEO

Ann Hu came to the U.S. from China in the early Eighties to pursue a master's degree in international relations. But when she arrived, she found herself dismayed about the basic cost of living. Quality clothing, her new car, a simple well-made handbag—these were never things she felt should be luxury items or so-called splurges. Back in Asia, she was accustomed to affordable quality—whether it came from handcrafting passed through 20 generations, or innovative design that could be sourced cleanly and efficiently. America was the land of opportunity: life should be easier here, not more difficult.

Years later, Ann's attention honed in on baby items. Having grown up an only child, she loved to surround herself with children. When her friends and colleagues told her about the cost of having a newborn in America—and furnishing a nursery—she knew she had discovered a wonderful mission: to provide reasonably priced baby products to little ones entering this world; to literally ease their tiny young lives, and the lives of their parents. That's when Avalon was born.

Now, our founder's vision of Avalon remains unchanged. Since 1992, Avalon has exceeded the needs of its customers. The Avalon product line has expanded to fill a newborn baby's universe-7 product lines with 5 t0 20 styles under each line, each designed to make the most of your child's eternal and yet fleeting babyhood, each designed for maximizing joy and minimizing fuss and concern.

In addition to her drive for value, Ann believes in helping people in need—especially children. A portion of the proceeds of your Avalon purchase always goes to support children's hospitals and orphanages.

David Sun, Operations Director

David Sun is the operational heart of Avalon. Born in Taiwan, he and his family resided in Vietnam early part of 1970 due to family business. Unfortunately, he and his family were forced to leave after the fall of Vietnam. In America, they decided to set foundation for a new start in Southern California. David attended public high school and later enrolled in University California in Los Angeles. David's meticulous attention to detail and dedication to issues regarding product safety allow Avalon to maintain its sparkling safety record. But, what keeps long-time customers, employee, and vendors fond of David is his friendly and easygoing demeanor.

The Avalon Team

As Avalon began to grow, something wonderful happened that founder Ann did not anticipate. Avalon's employees—from factory workers to administrators to designers to management—created a family. The Avalon team has hundreds of employees at home and abroad—the majority of whom have been working with Avalon ever since those auspicious, visionary beginnings. The company's attrition rate is astounding: an estimated 2%. Growth and success aside, Avalon has retained its small-company feel: despite four disparate locations (Princeton, New Jersey; Los Angeles, California; Taipei, Taiwan; and the Pearl River Delta, China), the company celebrates weddings, birthdays, and founder Ann's favorite—new births. As she likes to say, "Give that baby an Avalon stroller!"